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Are you based in the Oxford area and interested in finding alternative ways of heating your home?

Come and have a look at the range of traditional style fireplaces we have at the Burning Inspirations showroom. Fireplaces can come as gas fires or electric fires and are a great option for contemporary homes; they provide you with a cost-efficient and energy-efficient way of heating your home whilst providing you with a beautiful statement piece to add to your decor.

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Gas Fires in Oxford

If you have an existing gas line in your Oxford home, a gas fireplace is the most cost effective option for you. A gas fire will need to be installed properly to ensure that it vents properly and remains safe for the entire family. Gas fires can also get hot to the touch, which needs to be considered for families with children or pets.

The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Because gas fireplaces are fuelled by gas, they create real flames which give your home a wonderful ambience. Gas fires also usually has a venting system which means you don’t need a chimney to get the look you want. Gas fires are popular in modern homes for this reason. Gas fires have the benefit of being usable even if there is a power cut, which can be handy if you’re left without heating or if your plumbing breaks down. Gas fires don’t require a fan, which means they’re quieter than other fireplaces.

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Electric Fires in Oxford

If you want to bring a traditional feel to your Oxford home but you don’t have the means for a traditional log burning fireplace, take a look at one of our many electric fires. An electric fireplace can provide the charm of an old-fashioned wood burning fire with the sleek style of contemporary decor. You can also adjust them so that they give the glow of the flames without providing heat if you just want a decorative effect.

The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

An Electric fireplace has many benefits to consider if you’re looking to heat your home in Oxford. Electric fires can lower your energy bill whilst providing heat efficiently and cleanly. They are also low maintenance, safe for the whole family and easy to use. Electric fires are as simple as flipping a switch. They are also much cheaper to buy, install and run than alternatives fireplaces. Electric fires also create the realistic look of flames using lights and flickering, so you don’t have to compromise on the atmosphere of the room for the easier alternative.

Wessex Bathstone fireplaceFireplaces You Can Rely On

We’ve been providing customers with a wide range of fireplaces since 1995, meaning you can rely on over 20 years of experience to help you find the perfect fireplace for your property. We can help to provide you with all of the advice available to help you make your decision. Our fireplaces range from traditional to modern, so we will definitely be able to find something to fit any home.If you require any more information about our range of fireplaces, gas fires and electric fires at Burning Inspirations, get in touch with our team!

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