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When referring to practical and durable wood burning stoves, Burning Inspirations offers some of the widest variety in the entire United Kingdom. These stoves will help bring a sense of warm and cosy appeal into any home and the numerous designs that are available will fit nearly any room setting.

From slender, taller European upright designs to a more traditional 19th century appearance, this sheer variety is superseded only by the choice of quality manufacturers that are offered. Such recognised names as Contura, Jotul, Scan, Chesneys and Stovax hold an industry-wide reputation as being some of the most trusted and reliable items currently on the market. Thankfully, the homeowners of Bicester do not need to travel a long distance to observe these and other models. Rather, Burning Inspirations boasts a 4,500 square foot farm building just the others side of Buckingham in the village of Nash. Although viewing these stoves on this website may provide a glimpse at what they have the offer along with a quick video tour of our showroom, the best way to truly appreciate their timeless designs to physically experience what these wood burning stoves working live and feel the heat they create. Then touch and feel the quality of our manufacturers which we select to be the best on the market.

Wood Burning Stoves in Bicester

A final advantage which any wood burning stove provides is the ability to save a great deal of money on the costs of heating one’s home. With fuel prices on the rise, many families may be unfortunately forced to tighten their budget. Such a stove is an excellent way to conserve finances while simultaneously adding a bit of traditional appeal to even the most modern of rooms. So, be sure to browse our website, give us a call at 01908 507 027 or perhaps most importantly, take an excursion down to our showroom to take a look at some of the most popular wood-burning stoves for your home in Bicester and surrounding villages.

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