Real Fires are Suitable for All Properties


For architects with a brief to incorporate a fireplace into a project, we can provide everything that you need to make the work a success. From initial advice on flue systems and sizes etc. and information through to detailed consideration of the right type of fireplace or log burner and expert installation in both new build and older properties, we have plenty of experience and knowledge to put at your disposal. Similarly, if you are a homeowner who is employing an architect to design an extension to or alteration of your property, we can ensure that they are fully briefed on the technical specifications of your chosen fire. A visit to our Milton Keynes showroom will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss your requirements in more detail and arrive at the best solution for your needs.

New Builds

If you are involved in the development and construction of projects incorporating new builds, why not take advantage of the growing popularity with homeowners for an attractive fireplace or wood burner to commission the installation of new fireplaces in your building projects? With modern advances in materials and technology, a fireplace can blend flawlessly with any new build home, increasing market value as well as aesthetic appeal. Why not pop into our Milton Keynes showroom so that we can advise on the best type of fire feature and the most appropriate installation methods to best complement contemporary house designs?  Please bring plans of the new build with you and ideas of what you’d like and we can advise if it’s possible and how to prepare for the fire with various flue systems etc.

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