Gas Fires Only

Gas Fires Only

Burning Inspirations have been fitting gas fires and related appliances since 1995. We have over 25 years of experience in providing the best design solutions to a range of issues, complemented by the personal experience of our director Nicholas Ede, who has been involved with this kind of work for almost 30 years. During that time, he has fitted and replaced fires in a range of different settings, as well as designed and manufactured his own gas fires many years ago.

Based in Milton Keynes, where a 4,500 square foot showroom features many working fires, the company can provide extensive solutions for a range of issues relating to gas fires. Replacements and upgrades are becoming a more popular part of the work that they do. Upgrades, in particular, are an issue where Burning Inspirations can truly excel. Recently, we have replaced many open fan-assisted fires as part of this process, replacing these models, which were fashionable in the 1990s, with more efficient glass fronted balanced flue fires which run silently and need no electricity so you will always have one room warm if there is a possibility of a power cut or something goes wrong with your boiler.

Such is the efficiency of these new replacements that many customers have reported that they now use the central heating much less frequently. Instead, they use their new high efficient gas fires serve as a perfect, and cheaper, instead of heating the whole house, they’re just heating the one-room efficiently, especially if they are at home all day.

But whatever your needs regarding a replacement or upgrade, Burning Inspirations is the place to go for gas fires. A visit to the showroom in Milton Keynes should answer all of your questions, but if that is not possible, call on 01908 507 027, or use the website to get in touch.

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