Stovax Studio 2

Stovax Studio 2 Inset wood burner

Town: Leighton Buzzard

Approximate Date Of Installation: 02/12/2013

Following an initial visit and recommendation for an appropriate fireplace, the actual work commenced just over a month later (in the winter months whilst demand was high). The team came in and from the word go had to provide an alternative chimney option to the one initially proposed due to the limitations of the existing building work. Ashley and his colleagues worked extremely hard, keeping the areas of work as clean as possible and were very professional in their approach which they undertook with extreme dedication.

The Burning Inspirations team are strongly recommended if you are considering a fireplace, whether it be wood burner, gas or electric. Contact them if you require advice, honest hard-working individuals who work to overcome unknown challenges to provide a fantastic end result.

Many thanks to Nick, Lisa & Yvonne for all their help throughout.


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