A proper job at last

an image of a woodburning stove customer installation

Review by: Gerald Simonds

Town: Milton Keynes

Approximate Date Of Installation: 31/10/2015

Burning Inspirations to the rescue! Our excellent Yeoman stove has been useless since its installation by another local ‘Fireplaces’ specialist 5 years ago. Those guys got it all so, so wrong. Result: huge amounts of fuel burnt, and all the expensive heat went straight up the chimney while we shivered.

Finally we talked to Burning Inspirations and knew at once they were talking sense. Yes, we had far too little air space round the stove and yes, they could open up the brickwork. Yes of course we needed a flue liner which would have provided huge advantages and yes, they could install one. Yes, they could work with our existing fireplace surround and make the fireplace look elegant and properly finished.

Last week they did exactly what they said they would do. It looks spot on. They told us to leave it a week before getting it hot, so we haven’t test driven it yet, but we are confident that it will work as intended and we will keep ourselves warm this winter rather than just singeing the local jackdaws bottoms.

Thank you, Burning Inspirations.


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